Join us on our journey!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Capacity Campaign!

Objective: Expand our physical space to help more animals and expand the Acorn Team.
We have run out of physical space to provide the highest level of support to our native wildlife and as you may know we are the only facility in PA the specializes in the rehabilitation of squirrels, cottontails rabbits and woodchucks. In addition, with our new space we will also be able to offer our highly specialized care to our only native marsupial, the Virginia Opossum.


Since opening our doors in 2021 our community has begged us to do more. Through our educational programming our community members have gained the knowledge of the ecological benefits of our small common backyard prey animals. As this knowledge expands they are more inclined to seek professional care for wild animals in distress and we all know how adorable the little critters are!  With our current operating space of 154 sq. ft. we are forced to close our doors frequently as we run out of room for animals.
In partnership with Ryan and Ashley Tuma, Acorn Acres has the opportunity to occupy a former veterinary office building. Our new building boasts nearly 2,000 sq. ft. of space! We are confident that we will also be able to provide the ongoing professional assistance our community is so anxious to receive. Not only does this new space offer us an increased capacity it also allows us to further advance our specialized care, with diagnostics such as fluoroscopy and x-ray as well as establishing our in house lab.


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This is where you, our community comes in. Ryan and Ashley have done the hard part; the building. We need to raise $50,000, which will get us into our new home (hook up fees, insurances, etc). Additionally, we will be purchasing the necessary items to increase our capacity, including, but not limited to shelving, o-ring syringes, nipples, commercial cleaning supplies, formulas and supplements, caging, and bedding.


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