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We are a 501(c)(3) organization and we are sales tax exempt in the state of Pennsylvania. Follow us on social media to meet our educational animals, see the progress of our patients, and to follow our progress.

Wildlife rehabilitation is not a single person or organization.  It is a community of rehabilitators, veterinarians, volunteers, and most important, supporters.


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About Us

how it started


While mowing the yard on April 16, 2010, I found a baby squirrel. After realizing he was still alive I frantically starting picking the maggots off him and hit Google with a pace unknown to most. I learned a lot that day, most specifically, what a rehabilitator is and what they do!

Almost a year later I lost my job in corporate America and started a sewing business making bedding and enrichment items for small caged animals. My target market was/is wildlife rehabilitators and the sewing business gave me the wonderful fortune of meeting rehabilitators from all over the United States and abroad.

Over the course of the next few years, I slowly and carefully navigated my way through the process to obtain my own license(s), while sub-permitting under another rehabilitator. During those years Snags the Squirrel and Poppy the Groundhog came along and with them came mentors and lifelong friends.

There was a dream of opening my own facility, a facility specializing in the little guys, the underdogs, the squirrels, bunnies, groundhogs, etc. During the chaos of 2020, I decided it was time to make it happen!
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Starting 2021

2023 - Our second full Year

From our Founder



It is truly remarkable to reflect on the completion of our second full year of operations, during which we witnessed a doubling in the number of intakes. While our team harbored ambitious goals and aspirations for 2023, our journey was tinged with profound sorrow following the loss of our esteemed ambassador, Poppy the Groundhog, on February 28, 2023.

With the loss of Poppy we devoted ourselves to nurturing her successor, Elliott, into a remarkable ambassador. The time and effort invested in Elliott's development not only facilitated his growth but also aided in our collective healing process. Our bond with Elliott deepened through personalized attention, aiding him in navigating his grief. The past year marked significant growth for Elliott as an ambassador, as well as Acorn Acres.

Our key achievements from the past year include:

 - Securing and implementing our Threatened/Endangered permit, expanding our rehabilitation scope.

 - Enhancing operational efficiency through the development of comprehensive procedural manuals and checklists. 

- Iteratively refining our standard operating procedures (SOPs) to align closely with operational practices.

 - Strengthening our Internship Program by actively participating in Internship Fairs at local educational institutions.

 - Enriching public educational offerings with STEM programs utilizing the Makerspace approach.

 - Launching a fee-free donation platform on our website, facilitating contributions in memory of cherished individuals.

 - Conducting in-person training sessions at both state and national levels on squirrel rehabilitation.

 - Enlarging our Volunteer Team by welcoming new team members.

We take pride in our achievements, anticipate continued growth, remain steadfast in delivering unparalleled care, and eagerly anticipate the opportunities that 2024 will bring.

As the saying goes, "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow!"

With gratitude,

Betsy Shank, CWR

Founder and Executive Director

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Our services begin when you contact us about an animal or with a question.

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We are here for you and the animals all year, even in the winter.


If your group or team would like to help support our mission with a project, let's talk!


We take our responsibility very seriously. Every little life deserves a chance.


We do not charge for our rehab services. Instead we depend on the generosity of our finders, friends, neighbors, and communities.


Programs and events at your location, with our educational ambassador animals; Snags the Squirrel and Elliott the Groundhog are available for a fee.


We do NOT offer facility tours.  We are not permitted to do so and it's not in the best interest of our patients, the animals, while they are recovering.


We promise to post as many cute and adorable pictures, stories, and updates on our social media channels as possible. Be sure to follow, like, and share!

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